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Because of its no-compromise philosophy, Driven Racing Oil can provide power and protection to your performance engine in ways other oils can't or won't. Hot rodders and racers spend a lot of time working to make their cars unique, either to stand out from the crowd or to gain an advantage on the competition. Either way, your car and its engine are your pride and joy, and the investment can be substantial. So why expect a random, off-the-shelf motor oil to be able to provide optimum protection to your engine? Driven Racing Oil provides blends made for your classic hot rod, max-effort race car, or even street cruiser you only bring out on perfect days.

Driven Racing Oil, LLC 00106 BR 15W-50 Bre..

Recommended by multiple cam manufacturers, this unique petroleum oil provides optimum levels of Zinc..


Driven Racing Oil, LLC 01506 HR-4 10W-30 S..

Excellent start-up protection with the high temperature stability of a synthetic. Provides fuel econ..


Driven Racing Oil, LLC 01606 HR-3 10W-30 S..

Excellent protection for supercharged, big block and looser clearance engines. Ideal for long stroke..


Driven Racing Oil, LLC 01806 BR-30 5W-30 B..

The same high Zinc and Phosphorus formula as our original break-in oil, now in an SAE 5W-30 viscosit..


Driven Racing Oil, LLC 03706 BR-40 10W-40 ..

The same high Zinc and Phosphorus formula as our original break-in oil, now in SAE 10W-40 viscosity...


Driven Racing Oil, LLC 03906 10W-40 Synthe..

Perfect choice for muscle cars, European vintage sports cars and classic motorcycles. Safe for O2 se..


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