12370 Doherty St.
Suite A
Riverside , California 92503

  Phone:  (951) 340-2624
  Email:  info@fitechefi.com


FiTech Fuel Injection is dedicated to engineering, developing, and producing the most advanced and affordable electronic fuel injection systems on the planet.

FiTech's technology is designed and developed using OEM level engineering and components. The software has OEM level functionality, diagnostics, and limp home modes.

Beginning with just a couple of EFI systems as little as two years ago, FiTech now has systems supporting engines with up to 1,200 horsepower, dual quad, nitrous, boosted, and even E85 (with some adjustments that can be made on the handheld controller).

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FiTech 30003 Go Street EFI System Kit (Cas..

This GoQ4:AE6 Street EFI System Kit (Cast Finish, 400 HP) has self-learning, an integrated ECU, (1) ..


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